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YOMA NDENE is a popular folklore among the bakwerians of the SW region of Cameroon. Written as a poetic drama, the book introduces you to the cosmology of an African people.

YOMA NDENE is one of those sweet stories you need to possess, to read to your children and grand-children before they go to bed. It is beautiful for a family night-time gathering as it brings out feeling of wonder, excitement, fear, love and happiness.

Unraveling the Gift - Book Cover

UNRAVELING THE GIFT is an inspirational book that will open your mind and get you craving to keep reading.

It immerses its reader into the mind and heart of the writer and at the same time coursing you to rediscover the person within you.

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Quantity (25-2000 copies) 100 copies

Number of Pages (24-840) 200 pages

Trim Size 5.5” x 8.5”

Soft Cover

Gloss Cover Finish

Perfect Binding

600Ibs Natural; 420PPI; 94 OPACITY

Black Interior Printing

Genre:  Religious/Spiritual, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama, Poetry, Self-Help, Biography, Autobiography, Textbooks

Distribution: Print on Demand (Global Retailers-Amazon)


Editing Cost:

Developmental Editing (For argument, logic, inconsistencies, contradictions, repetitions, redundancies, coherence and poor transitions)-------$7:00 per page

Copy Editing (For grammar and mechanics)---------------------------$5.00 per page

Proof-Reading ( For spelling errors and omissions)------------------$3.00 per page

Text Formatting--------------------------------------------------------------$449.00

Reviews-------------------------------------------------------------------------$365.00 per rev.


Printing and Marketing Cost:

Basic Printing Cost---------------------------------------------$869.00

Basic Book Cover-----------------------------------------------$399.00 (Deluxe = $549.00)

Amazon Listing (Marketing)---------------------------------$399.00


United State of America

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